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I’ve been thinking about self-care and priorities…. Today I read Marianne Elliot’s wonderful post “Why I’m not going to South Africa !”  about saying “no” to the fabulous and saying “yes” to what you need right now. It takes courage and she demonstrates it in abundance. I see freedom in saying “no” to things that are right for me but the timing isn’t. I’ve been in such a hurry to say “yes” to everything and to squash in as much as possible in this lifetime; I’ve started to lose sight of what is most important for me. I’m taking some time now to reflect and let go…

In the past 10+ years I’ve been blessed with so many fabulous opportunities. I’ve kayaked in Alaska and Canada, mountain-biked in Hawaii, driven down the California coast on Highway 101, visited the palaces of Rajasthan and the capitals of  Europe… I’ve learnt so much and I’ve been very fortunate.

I’m a possibility-generator – I love creating new ideas with others, I can’t help myself from always coming up with another possibility…. More ideas than I could ever put into practice in one lifetime. So I choose the next one to commit to…and sometimes I over-commit and feel burnt-out and lose my way. These days I feel less inclined to accumulate experiences and things. My travelling is mostly business-related. My priorities are shifting.

Participating at the life-enhancing European Summit for Global Transformation  for the last few years has introduced me to inspiring social entrepreneurs and a whole new way of contributing to others. Selectively. With self-care as a priority. It’s difficult to make an effective contribution when you are running on empty.

I have some exciting projects in Uganda this year (more about these soon), I’m concentrating on being fully healthy and enjoying regular creative activities. And that is it….