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Two years later, I’m back! As usual in August, I have no paid work and can spend some time disconnecting from work and reconnecting with my creative side.

I’ve signed up for Susannah Conway’s August Break as a way of getting into regular blogging. I commit to adding a photo a day to my blog or the Flickr group from her list of prompts. I’ll be looking at life through my camera lens this month…

Why don’t you join me ?


I’ve always loved photography. Mainly admiring the photographs of other people. Early Victorian black and white, the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Ansel Adams, Sebastao Selgado, Annie Liebowitz and many lesser known heroes. I have a large number of photography blogs in my Favourites list.

As my day passes I see several “that would make a great shot” possibilities from the corner of my eye – like the fleeting memory of a line from a half-forgotten poem; an image or shape catches my attention. If I’m distracted, it’s gone in an instant. If I focus, I think “that would make a great photo”. But I never had a camera with me. Sometimes I’d try to sketch the moment on a scrap of paper with a pen from the bottom of my bag, but it was never quite it. So many uncaptured moments like this over the years.

This last year I’ve been experimenting with taking photos as a kind of journal, or rather a journey – each shot a moment captured on my path to my future self.

Instead of just admiring wonderful photographers and communities like the Shutter Sisters from afar, I’ve started carrying my basic point and shoot camera around with me. In the past, I’ve been too afraid to consider the expense of a good SLR camera – my brain going numb at the mere mention of fstops and exposure times.

Earlier this year, I participated in Susannah Conway’s wonderful “Unravelling – ways of seeing myself” ecourse which combines photography and writing assignments. Now I’ve become bolder and have stopped censoring myself. I think only of what image I want to capture and don’t worry if it’s technically perfect or not. I experiment, take more and more photos, feel free to discard many…

I borrowed a good digital SLR from my niece and participated in a one day introduction to the technical basics. I survived. Even took a few good shots. I signed up to the 365 project and found that a commitment to documenting my life by taking one photograph per day for a year has given me a new way of looking at the world – and a lasting glimpse of my days. It provides me with a most unusual (and to me enthralling) journal in a public space, where complete strangers make kind remarks.

And today, I’ve started the 4 week “Simple Soulful Photography eworkshop” with the talented Irene Nam. I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds and enjoying the virtual company of other explorers…

The internet is tribal – ask Seth Godin. Funny thing is, I’m no longer sure what tribe I belong to… In an era of youth-obsession, I’ve reached an age where I’ve become invisible – I’m now perceived as a middle-aged woman that marketeers categorise as largely interested in wrinkle-prevention. Don’t they know we are the new demographic ? Baby Boomers with health and wealth ? More numerous than all those Net Gen-ers ? People who like to blog and Twitter and connect ? With as many interests as any other alive and curious human being ? They’ll catch on eventually….