I’m a 50+ Englishwoman called Cheryl, who drifted across the channel to Belgium and became a Francophile. Late to marry, quick to divorce, no child of my own, family far away and friends scattered around the world. This blog is how I stay in touch. Happy, creative, curious, enthusiastic (most of the time), well-travelled. I’m post mid-life crisis… and adjusting to life in “middle-age”. Most importantly, I’m returning to my childhood delight of writing and artwork…

Committed to living life fully; to keep on exploring and learning. Here’s the place I share my thoughts, travels, love of art, photography, social change, language, food, and all other things of beauty and joys forever that catch my eye.

Why Steep Incline ? For much of my life, I felt I was either struggling uphill or careening downhill at velocity. Working hard to keep up or heading downhill towards the next crash. On rare occasions, I stopped for breath and admired the view from the summit or down in the valley. It was beautiful. And brief.

Now I understand that the steep inclines are not about struggle and pushing, or fear that the brakes won’t work and everything is rushing past too fast. The steep inclines are the journey; the ups and the downs are all part of it – the learning where I can also stop and enjoy the view, simply let myself go.

Now I’m just enjoying the views from whatever elevation I’ve reached.

Enjoy. Please join in and leave a comment if anything resonates with you; I’d love to hear from you.

 I Love…..

– Widdop Moor and reservoir, where Lancashire and Yorkshire meet and my teenage heart is stored

– NE Lancashire and West Yorkshire, Engalnd

– the English Lake District

– my nieces and nephews

– dark Belgian chocolate, especially if it comes from Pierre Marcolini

– sunsets

– fireworks

– travelling to places I’ve never been to before (physically and/or mentally)

– stories and story-telling

– a magnolia tree in full bloom makes my heart sing

– French wine

Vancouver Island, Canada

– a good photography or art exhibition

– bookshops and libraries and ironmongers shops and haberdasherys

– lurchers

– silk

– connecting people so that something new and wonderful becomes possible

– that horses make a landscape more beautiful

– and that everyday we have the chance to start anew…